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Renewable-Energy, is it Worthy?

Some of the reasons I was attracted to California before moving here nearly 20 years ago, was not merely for its natural endless beauty, landscaping throughout valleys and mountains; breathtaking coastline or the year-round mild climate allowing for countless outdoor

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What is to become of fair housing?

Is diversity a bad word? Why is there so much talk of it as it appears we steadily step backwards? Why are we not able to learn from the past? Has hate to become more powerful and acceptable? In 1963

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Sweet home, California

Los Angeles County, the most populous county nationwide, is really feeling the pressure of an increased demand with approximately 25% of California’s population at 10 Million, as of July 2017, US Census.  There are too many people living here who

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Keeping it Together…

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Can’t sleep on this…

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Exploring Solutions to the Bay Area Housing Crisis

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The Perfect Match

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What’s on your bucket list?

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“Novelette was very knowledgeable about the property and the area.  I felt that she was straight-forward about the negative or down-side of aspects of her work. After closing, Novelette asked for feedback on her services and seemed sincere in wanting to improve the negative. She also recommended service people for electrical, plumbing and carpentry, as I mentioned the changes and improvements that I anticipated to make the house "mine’.”

Judith L.

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