Historically, the fall and winter months, “the off season,” usually see a reduction in home sales, as most home buyers, especially families with children, are more likely to use the warmer months of spring and summer to do their home shopping in order to get the children settled in their new schools. Unfortunately, most home buyers have that similar sentiment, which leads to increased demand, and thereby increasing the competition. Add low inventory to the mix and the results are higher prices. In Southern California, that is the case, especially in my market in the Los Angeles South Bay area, where inventory, homes for sale, is less than two months supply. Regardless of the time of year, inventory has continued to be an issue over the past few years. And as for the “slow” season, the winters here are fairly mild, which partly supports the home buying season year round.

It is true that some agents might be especially busy during the “normal season” and so may be unable to give you his/her undivided attention. If that’s the case, then that might not be the right agent for you. If an agent is that busy, then s/he should either get an assistant to help with time management or you should find another agent that is able to give you the full attention you deserve. This is crucial in making one of the largest financial investments many of us will make.

Of course, one of the big plus in purchasing a home, is the tax incentive available to homeowners that renters are not privy to. So really, if you’re in the market to purchase a home, just do it, especially if it’s your first home. And considering interest rates are still relatively low, now really is a good time to buy. It may be a little frightening, but it is truly worth the investment. The only perfect time to purchase a home is when you, are ready. And once you’re ready the ride could be both exciting and anxious at once; but it’s worth it.

Source: “3 Reasons fall is a great time to buy a home” Housingwire (September 29, 2015).